Will Relay be compatible with iOS?


My family has 2 existing republic phones, and 2 iPhones that are NOT republic phones. Can we communicate with relay devices via the iPhones? Im assuming the republic phones can communicate and track relay.

Also, can a relay choose who to communicate with? For example, if the relay just wanted to talk to phone 1, but not phone 2 is that possible? Or is it like the old Walkie Talkies that if you say Hi on the relay, everyone on teh channel can here you?

4-6 week delivery?!?!
Parent access from phone instead of carrying separate Relay device?

You do not need to be a Republic member to use Relay. As long as you have the companion app on a phone (be it Android or Apple), it’ll work with Relay :slight_smile:

As far as communicating with specific people, you can accomplish that by setting up different channels one for each phone. For this first iteration at launch, we’ll just have two channels, but as we develop, you could have channels designated for different groups, or individual devices.


Awesome. So initially we could setup 2 channels. One for parents. One for siblings. Then break it down later as more channel capabilities are released.

Can relays be configured to chat with other friends with relays? Perhaps they could be programmed with a closed network of people? If the neighbors down the street got one for their family could my kids chat with theirs?


Exactly. Sounds like a solid plan. Relays on other accounts should work with other Relays on other accounts (i.e., your neighbors) in future iterations as well, but for this first release it will be confined to your family.
Also, I must clarify/correct myself: the companion app will send and receive messages on Android only, but not iOS. We hope to push all these features out as soon as we can though :slight_smile:, we know they’re important to really maximize on what Relay can be for families like yours.

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Yikes. Ok. Bummer that we can’t chat via iOS that puts a damper on some family. Do you know if that’s likely to come out in future releases? Or is that an IOS restriction meaning we won’t ever be able to do that.


Absolutely, we’re working very diligently to have the Relay app fully functional for iOS as soon as possible. We know a lot of folks with iPhones are looking forward to getting their hands on some Relays and want to be able to deliver on that.


Hi, we are iOS parents looking to get one Relay for our 8-year old (assign one channel for Dad, one channel for Mom). Can you please list out what features ARE available on the iOS companion app? Can the iOS app user contact the relay device via voice at all? Or only just see the location on GPS? Thank you.


I’m in the same boat as @carsonj.3lovpa. It’s not clear what iOS functionality there will be and I’m very concerned that given Apple’s tightly controlled ecosystem we may never have full functionality like Android devices.

So, I’d really like to know not only the features that are available to iOS users at launch but also when we can expect the same features enjoyed by Android users?



I am in agreement on needing to know what’s available on the iOS application. I just ordered a relay but may have to return it if I can’t communicate with the relay user through my iPhone. :thinking:


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We’ve created an article in our Relay Help Center that addresses all the features available on iOS: How Does Relay Work with iOS Devices (iPhone)? – RelayGo

@jasperpants & @carsonj.3lovpa Sure. While more features and capabilities for iOS are in planned for future iterations of Relay, at launch iOS phones will be able to activate and monitor Relays via the Relay app.


I just saw this posted on the Facebook page with no correction. Wondering if this is correct. Posted by one of the beta testers.

"In the Beta test I’m in now, the communicating is only Relay to Relay. The app is used for the set-up and GPS.

It’s my understanding, there will be communication between the app and a Relay, but not sure the method. Every update just makes the Relay more user friendly."

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The BETA tester is correct. Folks with Android phones will be able use the app to communicate with their Relays, as well as set up and track via GPS. Thanks for checking for clarification!


But the beta tester said communicating is only relay to relay.

And I am fairly sure you clarified earlier that it would only be on Android initially.



That is correct for our BETA testers at this time. We are targeting to have full Relay app (Android and iOS) capabilities as soon as we can. But right now, BETA testers are still experiencing Relay-to-Relay only. I should’ve been more clear, iOS virtual Relay may not be available within the first days, but it is a very high priority and something we’re pushing hard to release as soon as possible.


@Andi_B I appreciate the clarification albeit with no date on when iOS devices will have the same basic functionality as Android. I’ve experienced issues with iOS development first hand when compared to Android so I feel your pain! Hence I am very wary of pre-ordering.

Reluctantly I’m going to hold off placing an order for now and watch for updates on your site and reviews from users as they get them.


Thanks @jasperpants. I completely understand where you’re coming from, and with Relay in its early stages, recognize yours and others’ hesitations. Coming features will be delivered via software updates as soon as we have them ready for market, so I’d still encourage those that are eager to be involved and be early adopters in these initial/developmental stages to proceed with us and purchase. But, bottom line: we plan to make Relay as great as we possibly can, that will take time, but we will always want our customers to make their purchasing decisions when comfortable, and based on as concrete information as possible.


While we are disappointed, thank you very much for posting a clear answer to the question.

Really hope that the app-to-relay communication will be available in iOS soon. Thanks!


That’s exactly where we’re headed @carsonj.3lovpa. When the iOS Relay app is ready for prime time, we’ll have it in the App Store – https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/republic-wireless-inc/id1221474222?mt=8. Right next to our other iOS offering like Republic Anywhere.

We think you’ll have the most fun with Relay-to-Relay communication, so keep that in mind for the long-term. This is a unique device and we think it will offer a few surprises once you and your family start using it. To that end, Relay to Phone is a key part of our product strategy and we’ll be sure to keep the Neighborhood informed when its ready.


I know there has been a lot of back & forth regarding this question about iOS compatibility, and with this being a crucial feature for Relay, we as a support team want to make sure we meet our customers’ expectations with the utmost clarity. Because of this, I have tracked down a solid answer from our developers and I’ve done my absolute best to gather information that has resulted in this confident answer: Relay WILL be available on iOS. We have created a Relay Help Center article that outlines the features you can expect to use in the Relay companion app: How Does Relay Work with iOS Devices (iPhone)? – RelayGo
I’ll be glad to answer any follow up questions/bring in my co-workers who can elaborate on them if need be. I hope by providing clarity on this, you can confidently move forward with your Relay purchases. I’d like to apologize for any confusion up to this point, and going forward, we will be sure to keep you all as well-informed as possible.