Will the app work offline?


Just wondering if the app will work offline or do you need WiFi or data on your phone?


Hey @benh.8k2j07! No, it will not work offline. You will need to be connected to the cell or WiFi in order to use your Relay. Here’s an article from our Relay Help Center that also answers your question: Will My Relay Work Without a Cellular or WiFi Connection? – RelayGo


I think @benh.8k2j07 is asking if the app on a smartphone will work offline (so, if I don’t have a data plan, and I’m not in range of WiFi network, will the companion app still allow me to contact the Relay(s) on my account).

I’m fairly confident the answer is no; you need to be connected to a WiFi network or use a data plan (i.e., 4G) for most apps to work. BUT, maybe the makers of Relay have leveraged the cellular network to serve as the communications channel with the Relay in the event a user of the companion app on a smartphone does not have WiFi/4G signal.


Ah okay I understand now @benh.8k2j07. You are correct @KevinAagaard, the app will not work unless there is sort of connection, either WiFi or cell data. Here is a Help Center article to capture: Will My Relay Work Offline Without a Cellular or WiFi Connection? – RelayGo


Thanks, @Andi_B! Can’t wait to order tomorrow!


Hello, does this mean that we have to have a data or wifi for the app to work? I have basic unlimited talk and text and does not have wifi unless I am in a hotspot. Does it mean that I will not be able to get hold of my child in cases like this?

Will Relay be compatible with iOS?

I’ve moved your question to this existing topic as others have asked similar ones here.

Hi there! Yes, you will need a WiFi or data connection in order for the app to work. Are you a member with Republic Wireless by any chance?


Yes, we have been member of the Republic for awhile and just thought that data plan isn’t necessary since calling and texting were are only concern. But since the announcement of Relay, we thought it would be good for our 8 year old.


Sounds like your Republic phone will need to be on Wifi or you’ll need to buy some level of data plan from Republic, in order to contact the Relay device.


Yeah I have assumed so. We are really excited about this and considering adding the data plan on mine, Thanks for the reply though!


@vanessap.pyc3yo it still will require a connection to WiFi or data, but I’ll follow up with you privately with some details to see can be done.


Hi @Andi_B,

I’d appreciate you clarifying the phones data needs. Thanks.

For RW My Choice members will need to be on a data plan or purchase data for the app to be fully functional and usable when away from a WiFi network? $6.99 + $5 = $11.99 for members without data?



If you are on the $15.00 +5.00 for calling an data1GB,+the 6.99 will that cover your data for the Relay?


It should be for the most part Voice communication does not use much data, and the location feature also does not use much data.


Thanks drm186
That’s what I thought.

Just waiting for my order now.

:joy: .Have the R app lnsalled.