Will the Relay remember Wifi spots?


Will the Relay remember Wifi spots or will a phone app need to connect them with it each time? Will there be an up charge if data cap is reached on a Relay? Thank you!

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Yes the Relay remembers the wifi spots. You only need to use the app for the initial configuration.

There is no data cap. The monthly service fee includes all the data needed/used for the currently available features. No possibility of an upcharge.


How does this work? Understand Relay will reconnect to network after initial configuration of network.

Is app required to initially configure or sign into each WiFi network my son encounters? If so can it done it remotely or is physical presence of both Relay and phone required?

Thank you.

Relay Questions Answered

Yes, the app is required the first time the device encounters a wifi network. I do believe it can be done remotely, though on this I’m not 100% sure. Of course, unless you’re trying to address a cellular lack of coverage issue there’s no compelling reason to sign-in to wifi routinely anyway.


How about truly open (non “captive portal”) WiFi? They are rare anymore, but they do exist. Will they connect automatically? Then again, as long as cellular usage is not metered, there’s no penalty for not using WiFi - I suppose it’s mostly just to enhance coverage where cellular reception is poor.

Relay Questions Answered

I don’t believe so. I believe this works like an Android smartphone. You must willingly connect to a wifi hotspot the first time.



Appears it now can be done remotely.


I actually meant to say I believe it CAN be done remotely. Of course the Relay has to be on the cellular network so it can be reached by the app. This brings me to a point about the use in Hong Kong or Italy. How does that work? There’s no cellular network so the device would be unreachable to configure wifi.


I’m guessing that if the phone and relay are together, they can communicate (for the purpose of configuration) directly via bluetooth or WiFi (temporary peer-to-peer connection).


I see absolutely no evidence of this in the Relays I have in hand.


If mine ever arrive*, I’ll have to try that. It isn’t difficult to find a cellular dead zone around here.

*after waiting all day yesterday for the scheduled delivery, I then get a message that delivery has been rescheduled. No apology, no reason nor excuse. I imagine a plane or truck was late or whatever, but UPS didn’t know I wasn’t going to get it until literally the end of the day (6pm) when it was never even “Out for delivery”? /end UPS rant


Is that a red herring too?


No, this is an actual potential problem. A red herring is a far fetched, made up issue, that is highly unlikely to ever occur. Usually used when someone wants to complain but isn’t able to come up with an actual plausible concern.